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Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Diary Entry - 10th May, 1916

The morning was chilly, with a brisk wind blowing from the south-west and, as I had only three blankets and had tried newspaper to keep the cold out without success, I did not feel very much inclined to get out of bed. However, I emerged soon after five and, having had a hurried and scratchy brekka, made tracks for Lorette. We have built a new OP in a trench running down along the crest, away from the madding crowd, and it commands a splendid view of the trenches. The large telescope was sent up during the morning, and it made life very interesting, as you could distinguish movement a long way back with it. I could have sworn the Bosch were playing tennis behind the veiled crossroads in Lievin. In the evening, I spotted a battery behind the Bois d'Hirondelle.

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