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Monday, 25 April 2011

Diary Entry - 25th and 26th April, 1916

Summer weather. We have at last given up the forward slope of Lorette and come back to an OP which can be approached by day. It is on the Lorette ridge, but about level with Bois Six. On going up in the morning, Gunner Hand and I went too far forward and got into some bad trenches, which we had to creep along to keep under cover and there were plenty of deads laying about too. However, after an hour and a half's hunt, we found our right trench and a comfortable little OP - more so than the other place, and quite a good view of the front. Nothing much happened all day - the Bosch pip squeaked the whole of our front line and supports very systematically, covering all our zone but, of course, we could not retaliate. In the afternon, Kellagher came up and we did some lamp work with the battery. Then I had 10 rounds to register a trench with and just got in on the last round. The 26th I spent at the guns and, except for a strafe up north, all was quiet and we never fired a round.

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