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Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Diary Entry - 19th April, 1916

At two we moved off and were inspected by the Colonel at the Divion corner, as we turned down the hill towards Bruay. Well, as our wagon line was very cramped and we could not get our wagons in any sort of order, I don't think the show was a great success. Coming into Bruay, F's firing battery wagon bust a pole bar and we had to slip in a new one. On leaving Bruay, the rain began, and it got heavier as the journey continued, until it was simply coming down in sheets at Hersin. There was another little episode on the way - a nut came off  A sub's staple, which keeps the pole bar from sliding down the pole, but luckily the fitter picked it up complete. We got in to Hersin about five and marched the detachments on from there, the battery making a small detour around the slag heap. On getting into Sins Goelle, the wagon line, we found Kellagher, who ordered all the riding horses up, mounted the detachments and sent them on to the guns. We rode on to Bully, leaving Kellagher to cope with the wagons. At the Mess, we found everybody ready to move off and were told that Suttie was at the guns, so we commenced to wade up there and met him halfway up. He informed us one was to stay with the guns till dinner so, on Hoyland winning the toss, I stopped. Everything was quiet and at eight fifteen I retired for dinner. At ten forty-five, having put on gumboots and prepared for the swim, (it was simply pouring), I and Bates set out for the battery, but I had to stop at detached section to have a wire run out to the main battery and, by the time it was connected up, it was eleven thirty and I was glad to tumble into bed and remain undisturbed till four a.m.

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