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Saturday, 2 April 2011

Letter Home - 2nd April, 1916

2nd April, 1916

Dear Mother,

I am still at the gunnery school, but we break up on Saturday and go back to our batteries. I am just beginning to like this place and, although we get plenty of hard work, one learns a lot here and Major Crozier is the man to teach you.

I am glad to say the weather has taken up again and yesterday and again today have been perfect sunny days. It snowed on Sunday night and we also had some on Monday but I really think we have seen the last of winter now.

Everything is just beginning to shoot, and it won't be long before all the trees are in leaf.

I am feeling rather nervous tonight, as I see I am up for B.C tomorrow and will have to drill a battery in front of the Major, which will be rather an ordeal. Yesterday was rather a good morning as the Major took us in the riding school and we had a few rounds over the jumps. Some of the people are really awful. I don't profess to be much of a rider, but most of the men here consider thy can ride and I never saw such exhibitions as they give jumping - and some of them say they hunt too.

I and about four other men walked for miles today, Sunday, for lunch and tea, just returning at about six fifteen. There are quite a lot of our men about the district, and they do look jolly fit, and strong, but not nearly as smart as the average British Tommy.

I thought I might see someone I knew but never ran across anyone. There is no more news. I hope to see a bunch of letters waiting for me when I get back to the 'Dragoon Troop'.

Your affectionate son


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