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Sunday, 10 April 2011

Diary Entry - 10th to 13th April, 1916

These days were all spent on drill orders and skeleton drill orders alternately, on which there was plenty of strafing for me and in fact for most of the battery. The afternoons were also filled in with either lectures, gun drill or inspections. The parades usually took place on the hills round about Bruay and some days we got as far as Bois des Dames and the Sand Pit. On the Monday, Hoyland and I rode into B├ęthune when parade ended at the Sand Pit and we had a very rushed afternoon as never got in until one thirty. The mess cart was also late so we never got back to five forty-five. Things were rather heated, as we were to be back for a small stores parade at five. The weather was wet and windy from Tuesday onwards.

I forgot to add that we were on the hill on Thursday morning, running off heats for the sports and got most things run off and some of the events were most amusing. Although it rained hard, we got all the horses over the jumps, with only one fall – my groom coming down with my black horse

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