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Thursday, 14 April 2011

Diary Entry - 14th April, 1916

Friday, we breakfasted at five forty-five, paraded at six fifteen and moved off at six thirty for Marest, where the Colonel was to have the brigade parade at eight thirty. We got there in good time – about 15 minutes before his arrival – and formed up at close interval. The 15th and 71's were only a few minutes behind us. Before moving off, the Colonel told us what he wanted us to do, and we started off on his scheme at about ten to nine. The whole business was the brigade going into action as it would on the advance, with the Colonel directing affairs from his HQ by telephone communication. We only took up one position, but the left section, under Siggers, went on as a detached section to take up a position in advance. At twelve thirty, after the Colonel commented on what had been done, we set out for home and got in about two.

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