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Saturday, 12 November 2011

Diary Entry - 12th November, 1916

Walford: Y day. I relived Cruikshank at the guns and on going up saw tank tracks all over the place and three tanks behind the Sucrerie, eight in front of the battery behind a hedge. Suttie and Bailey went up and registered the battery for the barrages of the attack and we shot well into the afternoon. Hoyland relieved me at five and on going back I heard the tanks were all retiring home as the ground was too heavy for them. I saw one down near Maillet just moving off. It had two 6-pounder guns, one each side, and was lit by electricity, even having headlights.

Bertie: Spent the day with Mim, Aunt Lil and Coo.  Mrs Norman Armytage heard I was over and so got me to go to dinner in the evening and answer all questions. I was fairly stormed, Mrs and Edna talking at the top of their voices. There was a colonel there who seemed very amused I excused myself directly after the meal.

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