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Friday, 4 November 2011

Diary Entry - 4th November, 1916

Walford: Saturday I again drew RE material on the way to Achieux for pay. This time I found quite a queue waiting and it was some time before I got inside. Reached the wagon line - what is left of it, as 110 horses have moved to Thievres owing to shortage of water - about twelve and paid out about twelve thirty p.m.A good sprint across country brought me back to the Mess about one forty-five. In the evening Hoyland and I dined with Kellagher where we had a good dinner and felt as if we had had a tonic when leaving as K is always so wonderfully cheerful. It was raining before we left.

Bee: We have not had any mail this week - the subs must have been very busy in the Channel. Kept fairly fine today but did not dry up much. They got another direct hit on our Mess at the guns but did not do much damage except chuck the sand bags about. Up at the guns today. We fired 1,000 rounds on front line wire and had to pull the gun out of the pits. There was Hun plane flying very low in front, which made a great nuisance of itself. The anti-aircraft were evidently having a game of football as they only fired 10 rounds at it. The Heavies had half an hour's bombardment this afternoon, and the 18-pounds chimed in during the last five minutes and the old Bosch fairly shooting SOS rockets.

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