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Sunday, 6 November 2011

Diary Entry - 6th November, 1916

Walford: Monday, Hoyland relieved me at ten a.m. and Cruikshank and I came down to Maillet, to the Mess. I did not get much sleep as Kershaw was to unload 1,600 rounds from the train and only had 12 men to do the job with - consequently he was up till day break. The 15th were all off for Thievre for a week's rest and left 5 men at the position to look after things and we were to ration them. It had rained most of Sunday night but was quite a good day now.

All the men except four left the guns last night and took two guns with them, for the purpose of training layers. It was a brute of a night. Of course, we got our full allotment of ammunition - four hundred boxes and we only had 12 men to shift them. They had a very thin time as it took from eight p.m. until five a.m. to do the job.  We were all packed up by eight a.m. and moved off to wagon line by eight thirty. Picked them up at eleven thirty and got underway for [illegible]. Took everything from the wagon line in the way of shelters, as there is nothing at our new place. Walrond and Claudet and Bailey rode on to the new lines and I brought the battery along. We were well over halfway there when they came back and told us that all was cancelled and we had to be in action tonight. It was very disheartening, as all the rations had gone on, which meant that the men would not get a meal until late tonight. As we got the news and were discussing the situation on the side of the road, my leave warrant came so I did not mind so much and went back with Walrond to RA to find out the cause of the quick return. All we found out was that the army had made up their mind to push on 9th, unless an exceptional amount of rain fell. But I would still go on leave. Had lunch at RA and then went back to Maillet. My warrant said Boulougne, and I wanted to know what chances I had, as it is supposed to be closed, but I got very little information. The train leaves from Louvrincourt.

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