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Monday, 20 August 2012

Diary Entry - 14th, 15th and 16th August, 1917

Siggers relieved me and I remained at the guns all day. The Hun shelled Admiral and the other 6' how battery with 4.2s and 5.9s for the greater part of the day and searched over the position as far as the Mess, just dropping four up against the wall but doing no damage. Wednesday: at the guns all day. Armytage went to OP, I spent most of the afternoon working on my dug out, moving a lot of earth. The Canadians attacked north of Leny[?], capturing Hill 70, which commands all approaches to the town. They killed a huge number of Germans and captured about 1,000 prisoners. There was a lot of gunning throughout the day in Leny direction and believe our guns caught a huge quantity of Huns massing in a wood for a counter and simply waited till the wood was full then obliterated them, turning on every gun that could reach the spot. Thursday: the Berkshire infanteer was replaced by a man from the KRRs - the former was killed some four days later, being sniped while trying to locate the man who got him. I went to Vermelles anti section in the afternoon after having enquired at the Annequin section as to where John was. Sam was at the guns and saw him shoot on a Hun at 14,000 feet but the Hun rose to 22,000 and was out of range. On returning for tea, I did some work on the dug out, putting a lot more stuff on it. Sherman came in for tea. The major dined at Brigade.

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