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Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Diary Entry - 21st August, 1917

Go to the WL at ten thirty a.m. Look round the horses with Sherman. Am not very impressed with my two men in charge. After lunch an RE officer comes round to take a list of improvements to the standings so as we can indent for material. We spent over an hour going round the lines and Sherman, with some smooth-tongued talk, got quite a lot of stuff out of the man. At three p.m. we went into Bethune, had tea there, also saw Grannie Stafford at the officers' club, then, at five p.m,. having walked back to the WL, I set out on horses for Mazingarp and met John on the road in a Ford box just this side of Noyelle so dismounted and went on in the car with him. Stayed to dinner with him and Sam - the latter was just off on leave on the morrow and they ran me back to the battery at ten p.m. At six p.m. there was a straafe on the Hun line and we fired smoke shell in front of his OPs so that he could not see what was going on. He got quite angry and put over a certain amount of stuff in return.

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