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Monday, 20 August 2012

Diary Entry - 1st, 2nd and 3rd August, 1917

Wednesday: got very wet going up to Braddle Castle in the morning as it rained heavily and continued throughout the day. Vosper came up in the afternoon and we shot a few rounds for amusement and had to get Jones out from his tea to check his section's shooting. Thursday: the Hun showed his hate on the seven ones all day with five nines but put most of his rounds either short or over in the marsh. It was again raining but not so heavily as before. The Major, having sprung a surprise on me the previous evening about my being posted to the 15th, I went round to Bde to protest to the Colonel and found him in after three visits but could not get much change out of him. He said that Claudet had no officers with any experience, as he had taken Vaisey away to be Adjutant in Jock Murdoch's place, the latter having gone on a course of I Tock. So there is nothing for it but to put up with it. I had lunch with the seven ones,  where Scott Armytage and Thorburn were in. The conversation seemed to veer round to Small Scott at the guns, who was very frightened, and some rude remarks were made about him. In the afternoon, having called at Bde after lunch, brought Padre back to tea and we ran the gauntlet through the splinter area. But caught the Colonel after tea walking back to Brigade with the Padre. Friday: Braddle Castle at nine a.m., relieved Fleming, who had been at Kings Cleare all night. It rained heavily all day and the light was impossible. Saw a minnie firing from the railway south of Les Briques, put D36 onto it but they plastered away at quite the wrong spot and did not seem to trouble much when I asked what they were firing at.

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