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Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Diary Entry - 29th August, 1917

Go to Le Touquet in the morning to get a chit from the REs for material to go on with the wagon lines. My one-eyed horse plays up on the way and steps gently into the gutter on the side of the road, which is usually very boggy. However, we were lucky in coming out all right. He made me bust my cane on him though. The RESM would not give me anything, on calling at the dump, as he had no timber and said iron could only be obtained with a chit signed by CRE. On returning to Mess, find Sherman there and we go into Bethune EFC to get a list of material for the canteen priced. When we get back to the Mess, Vosper is there drying himself, having been caught in a shower. He entices me into the club but at four my conscience pricks me as the Major probably will call in in the afternoon. But, on my way out, I meet John and Young on their way to Gone in a Ford box, so I jump up with them and go out to tea. Am landed back at the Mess, to find the Major and Vosper having tea. However, I smooth things over all right. Find two horses bad with colic, one in great agony and, though the vet tries to relieve it with medicine, it still suffers severe pain so at ten p.m he shoots it. The horse, as is usually the case, is a good black, the best of that team, belonging to F Sub. The other we pull round all right.

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