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Monday, 20 August 2012

Diary Entry - 4th August, 1917

As it was my day off I arranged to go into Bethune for lunch, along with Vosper. We went to the rear of Beuvray and reconnoitred a position in case of retirement - not that we think we shall ever have to use it. From there, we rode into the officers' club and passed the four eights, where we saw a contingent of officers strolling round. It was the Colonel's day for inspecting the lines. The lunch at the club was a change to the Bully that we have been issued with lately, and it was well served, no long waits like there usually are in a crowded officers' club. We bathed in the Ecole des Jeunes Filles after lunch, a place being set apart for soliders. Then we started home, calling for our horses, which we had sent back to the 48th WL. Hoyland made us stay to tea and we had a nice ride home in the evening. On arrival at the Mess, I mounted a bike and went to Annequin to see Claudet and arranged to transfer there on the morrow.

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