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Monday, 20 August 2012

Diary Entry - 5th August, 1917

Did early morning at Braddle Castle, but it was very misty and may as well not have been there. It was a bright sunny day and the KRR had a church service under the trees behind the 9th section and hit up with a good old march for the platoons as they marched onto parade, much to Jones's annoyance. It was rather a rash thing to do as am sure the Hun could hear, the range to his country being 2,500 and it was a very still day and one never knows what he can do with his sound ranging apparatus. Anyway, it was all right and very jolly to hear the band playing the hymns. Our service was at eleven a.m. but was not so jolly as we had no orchestra. The Padre read part of the address issued throughout the world in commemoration of 4th August 1914. The maxim preached not to grow tired of the war sounds all right but is not an easy one to put into practice, especially for anyone who has been out over eighteen months and experienced such slaughter as the Somme, Ancre and Arras Vimy Ridge battles.

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