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Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Diary Entry - 11th September, 1917

The GOC Division 46th came round the position at ten a.m. but all he seemed to do was measure out the SOS lines in the pits on the map and looked as if he distrusted us. The Colonel came round at eleven a.m. and I went up to the detached section to greet the general there, riding back on a bicycle as soon as he had gone. On the way back, I looked up Vosper and saw his new pit which was a huge erection of slag, well-supported by rails but six solid feet of slag takes some propping up. However, his props were very strong. The TM strafe at twelve thirty p.m. seemed pretty tame and the raid at eleven thirty p.m. was also a severe wash out I believe, though don't know any details as the battalion on our left were doing the job. Sherman and I put some heavy work in on the gun pit in the afternoon.

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