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Saturday, 15 September 2012

Diary Entry - 15th September, 1917

Set out for the wagon line at seven forty five as have to take a parade of three men down to Gore for a fatigue of unloading slag from a barge. Go back on Ginger across country and call in at the four eights where I find Hoyland and Colonel Beech not even down to breakfast. The Colonel and Cruickshanks who lobbed from the guns at ten thirty a.m. go on leave after lunch in a car and seem both highly elated all morning especially the latter. Hoyland and I ride back but I turn off the road to go and see Sam who is just behind Annequin north, he gives me tea and while there Nicholson and Vosper pass by on their way from Bethune. Sam tells me Gyp Currie is engaged to a Capt. Street and Sid and Jess were to be married on Friday - that is, yesterday. He has a shoot at some Albatross D3s while I am there and goes remarkably close to them. The Hun I find on arriving at the battery is crumping the 6' on the railway with five nines and eight inch - incidentally my track leads right up the railway. So the signaller and self cut across to the four eights, pick up Hoyland who came up specially to do Liaison and make a detour round behind the old factory onto the railway line.

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