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Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Diary Entry - 12th September, 1917

Go down to the wagon line and arrive just in time to see the elephant being painted on the stable roof in white. I called in at the Field cashier's on the way down and ran across Bellew there. After stables, lunch with the four eights and hear all the latest records GAH has brought out from home with him. We all went into Bethune after lunch, to the club, where we ran across Captain Roberts of heavy Trench Mortar fame, with several of his subaltwerns. On the way riding home I meet him again and, as he turned off the Bethune Road, he disappeared in a cloud of dust, cantering hard down the metals but, as he is a Royal Fusilier, evidently knows no better. As my groom and I approached the battery, we noticed some shells falling about, so I walked from the shrine just near the corner of the La Bassee Road and arrived untouched, though passed two very recent shell holes in the field as you cross in front of Annequin church to the position, the old 6' hows had been going at gunfire and think they were after them. Go up to the infantry that night.

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