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Friday, 28 September 2012

Diary Entry - 28th September, 1917

Armytage relieves me early. The night had been a particularly quiet one and the weather still holds good. Am rather surprised to find some gunners making emplacements on the bank near the entrance to Maison Rouge Trench and prophesy a warm reception for them there if they do much firing. Claudet calls in on his way to the trenches and takes Hoyland with him. Then they go off to shoot at Vermelles in the afternoon. As I am to proceed on leave tomorrow, go to wagon line at five p.m. Hoyland and I have a very jolly ride to the horse lines across country all the way to Beuvey - and at a very smart canter too. Vosper and Nicholson join us at the wagon line and then we all, including Siggers, go into Bethune for dinner, having it at the Lion d'Or just off the Grand Place. Vosper did us very well with very good bubbly and I think we were all pretty merry on our walk home and made a deal of noise, it being a beautiful moonlight night. Hoyland, Vosper and Nicholson then rode on to their respective batteries, Siggers and I remaining at the Chateau.

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