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Friday, 14 September 2012

Diary Entry - 14th September, 1917

My day at the four hundred. Do not start until six a.m. as it is doing no good getting there an hour before sunrise and, as the Major expressed his opinion that way, I fell in with his view and took the hint. The light was fairly good after ten thirty a.m. and there was a certain amount of activity during the afternoon on both sides. D36 were most amusing about four p.m: they got annoyed with a poor Minnie who fired two rounds on our front and went to gunfire on it, blazing off about sixty rounds and making the sand bags and parapets leap into space. Kemp, my servan,t brought me tea at five thirty, also a packet of Australian mail and a letter from Mum, telling me of Foster's promotion to Colonel, which is jolly good work. Sherman was up during the afternoon and informed me it was settled that I go back to the 48th Bty and the 15th have Dickson.

(I forgot to add that Major General Perrire (GOC Division) went round our wagonlines in the morning and expressed his pleasure at the satisfactory condition of all he had seen.)

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