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Saturday, 22 September 2012

Diary Entry - 22nd September, 1917

Go to wagon lines. Hoyland away for a FGCM at one p.m. During stables, Barwick's best black mare takes colic after coming in from a fatigue and although we do all possible for it - and in fact when we think it will recover - it is seized with a spasm of pain and dies about five p.m. It is afterwards found to be caused by a number of stomach ruptures. At three thirty p.m. old Saunders and General Freddie Mercer wander into the lines but luckily they don't stay long or ask many questions and GAH got back just before the leave with a colonel whom he brought back for lunch. In the afternoon GAH and I watched the footer match between our chaps and a 46th Div battery across the road. We won 2 - 1. Major Claudet called in after tea and we rode back at six forty five p.m. but I go to dinner with the antis as John has just returned from leave. Sam and he are very fit and are all much amused with Tirpity (Sam's dog) and a kitten with whom he plays as if it were a pup. When I get home at eleven p.m. find everyone is in bed.

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