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Saturday, 16 February 2013

Diary Entry - 16th February, 1918

After breakfast Siggers and I rode over to Blagny. It was a cold frosty morning, but there was a bright sun. We found the 244th Siege about half a mile outside the village in a ravine, where there were lots of heavy guns. We found Alex. He was in the best of form and, though busy shooting with an aeroplane, got someone else to carry on while he took us to the Mess. He informed us a plane had been brought down on their front during the morning and, as we rode away, we saw a Sopwith Camel shoot down another Hun reconnaisance machine. After lunch I rode to the guns on Nicholson's 17-hand chestnut called Eve, which did not like passing lorries. Found Cruikshank had gone to do a senior liaison with brigade. On my way up, I chatted with a 63rd Div artillery officer and he told me that the machine we heard on the previous night was a Gotha and had been taken intact with one officer and two or three men.

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