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Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Diary Entry - 26th February, 1918

A beautiful sunny day. Siggers and I and Robson ride up to the guns to let the Major see the new officer. On arriving at the advanced wagon lines, we found the Major and Nicholson down looking at the havoc wrought by numerous gas shell which had been pumped over on the previous night. While walking up to the guns there was a lot of enemy air activity and several reconnaissance machines were well in behind our lines and our archies were hard at it making artificial clouds with the smoke from their bursts, but, often as not, many thousand feet from the planes. We also saw Hun captive balloon floating about the front. It had evidently broken away and was very high up, travelling southwards. We rode back at three p.m. and as we came from the guns the Huns were shelling Trescault Ribecourt Road with HV shrapnel. I was riding Nip, Cruiker's horse, and he was very fresh


  1. This new officer may be one 2Lt Cecil Robert Robson,who is listed as arriving in France 13th Feb 1918...

    1. Thank you again for your invaluable help