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Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Diary Entry - 5th February, 1918

Siggers and the Padre set out for Amiens at nine a.m. to put the money in boxes and from there they were going on to Bethune to hire a piano, taking the IMS and Cannover, the interpreter, with them. I started for the guns at one thirty p.m. and lost my way coming across country to Metz, but the signboards were wrong on the cross country tracks. On getting on the ridge through Trescault, I walked into Boar Valley from there with a RE captain and thence up a light railway in the valley to the guns. Here Cruikshank was installed on his own, Shapland being away at Ballion on a four-day liaison stunt and Barrett, whom I forgot to add is on leave - he went from the wagon line early in the morning. The gun position did not look such a bad place, a good dug-out for the Mess - and the men working hard on one at the guns. It seems we are a silent battery and only fire in case of SOS or for aeroplane calls.

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