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Saturday, 16 February 2013

Diary Entry - 15th February, 1918

Rose at six a.m. Walked to Metz to catch a bus but I lost about twenty minutes - having discovered I had not got my box respirator, I had to return to get it. Anyway, the bus had been gone fifteen to thirty minutes when I arrived so as I had arranged to go to the wagon line for the night I set out along the road on foot, hoping to get a lorry. All the traffic was going the wrong way and I footed it all the way. After lunch, Siggers and I went out with a cook's limber to collect some angle irons for riveting the stables and we found lots of them the other side of Barrastre in an old German line. This line of trenches was full of dug outs and there were gun positions in it as well. One never ceases to marvel at the work the Germans get done. We tea-d with brigade and after dinner the Padre and Siggers played bridge there. Before dinner what sounded like a Hun plane kept circling round about Ytres, firing red rockets. There were lots of search lights trying to pick the machine up, but they couldn't. We eventually heard its engines stop and presume it landed, so reckon it must be our machine.

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