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Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Diary Entry - 19th February, 1918

Remain at the guns all morning. Some scouts come over very low and are fired at with rifle and Lewis guns. Siggers and Nicholson appear for lunch, the latter having just come back from a course of telephony. Major, myself and Major Claudet, who had called in, go off to the 15th for lunch and then on to an OP to the left of Rocket to shoot on Le Quennet Farm. The fifteenth registered first and, as the light was bad, took a long time. We fired one or two rounds but could not see them so eventually gave it up. The Bosche had a gun firing on our small knoll and we weren't too sure whether he saw us and was chucking over sniping rounds ort not but he persisted in putting them fairly close but the gun was shooting at a long range.

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