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Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Diary Entry - 18th February, 1918

Set out for 7.0.0 post, which consists of a pill box just off Ostrich Trench in the support line. We (Crawley and self) had breakfast at five and got underway at the half hour, with Gnrs Law and Brooks as signalers. We got up about six thirty, just nice time and, as the infanteer got bored with it before an hour had elapsed, he went home. There was a lot of movement everywhere you looked and odd Huns seemed to be walking round picking up copper driving bands and shell cases - at least that's the only supposition we could arrive at. I put a piece of sand bag on the periscope and stuck him up straightaway as had heard all sorts of talk about him sniping as soon as you put your periscope up. However, he never bothered us. The Hun put over quite a number of TMs during the day and we straafed one of his emplacements with D 36 field hows. I also fired two guns on the tanks at the crossroads, one round blowing up a small dump of bombs.

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