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Sunday 1 May 2011

Diary Entry - 1st to 3rd May, 1916

On Monday, I spent an uneventful day at the guns. On Tuesday, I went to a detached section and relieved Hoyland, who went to the OP. This is a new scheme, just begun, by which an officer does guns, detached section, OP on three consecutive days. It was a nice, quiet, lazy day in the woods of Noulette but I must say I got very bored with it before night came on. On Wednesday, I had a quiet morning but in the afternoon we had a mortar strafe on the trenches from Calonne southward for about a quarter of a mile. At four forty-five, the 47th division blew up a mine to the south of us, which caused rather a disturbance for about 40 minutes. The Colonel was up at the OP all day and gave us 30 rounds to blaze away on crossroads, which we duly carried out. During the strafe, the Bosch brought down a British aeroplane, which planed down just north of the wood but, as it landed, turned over and caught fire, the two pilots escaping into the wood.

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