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Sunday 15 May 2011

Letter Home - 15th May, 1916

Dear Mother,

This must be just a note, as there is really very little to write about and I have missed the mail - but as long as it gets there it is all right.

We have come out on rest to the same place as we were at when out last month. One section came out on Saturday; the centre section remained in action.They are the detached section I spoke about being in the wood, and I marched my section out yesterday evening at six pm, reaching our destination at nine pm. The division that were in action when we took over took over from us and, of course, they knew all the front et cetera and there was no trouble.

It is rather funny: I got your letters last mail which said I had written from London - well, I am off on leave again tomorrow night and am looking forward to it. Suttie is still on leave and not very well so don't suppose he will return for a week or so. Well Mum, this is a very poor letter but can find nothing else to write about.

Ever your loving son


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