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Sunday, 29 May 2011

Diary Entry - 28th May, 1916

Suttie, Kellagher and I rode down to the wagon line which had just moved from Gt Servin to Ganchin-Legal. It is about a 6-mile ride from the red house in the wood where we always met our horses and quite a good situation, but I think the watering is not too good. From the wagon line, after having a snack with Dale, the Captain of the 15th, I went off to Barlin with the Mess cart to collect some Mess stores as we were very short. Considering the capabilities of the shops in Barlin. I got most of the stuff that was wanted, getting back to the guns at about six pm. On the 27th we spent most of the day looking round the new position as were rather uncomfortable all in one small tin shed which was very draughty and would not keep out a shot gun. Siggers and I were going to an old dug out but theCaptai and Kellagher moved, saving us the trouble. They went to the cupola at the guns.

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