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Saturday 21 May 2011

From Accounts - 21st May, 1916

Battery had marching orders when having dinner at nine pm and the whole brigade was to be under way by ten thirty. They got away in the hour and a half, moving up to Gt Servin, where they bivouacked. On Monday night, they went into action on the southern slopes of Lorette, on the fringe of a wood. When they were coming in to the position, the Bosche started shelling and he kept it up for about 24 hours, with all sizes of guns, including lacramatory shells, which rather startled people at first. During the night, one gun was put out of action - an ammunition wagon blown up amongst the trees. I hear there were showers of 18-pounder ammunition coming down all over the place. Two men were slightly wounded and for the amount of stuff put over and the lack of cover we were more than lucky. On Friday - or Thursday night rather - we moved into a position two valleys further up, where we now are.

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