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Thursday 26 May 2011

Diary Entry - 26th May, 1916

We breakfasted at eight and soon afterwards walked to Callons Ricourt over the two miles of steep hills to get our baggage as there seemed to be no other means of getting it. When we had collected it and got onto the main road, we awaited a vehicle to put our baggage in. At last a wagon loaded with metal ventured our way so we put our bags on and walked ahead. It eventually reached Devion at about ten forty-five. After some lunch, we set out for Houdain to see if we could catch some of the supply lorries. I humped my bag and, as it was a mile and a half's tramp, had had quite enough when we got there. We enqired of an ASC captain what chances we had and he being an adjutant arranged a car for us which we very quickly accepted. By two we had landed at Chateau Delahaye - divisional headquarters and also RAHQ. We were directed to walk to the brigade from there and after tramping through woods and across fields which seemed to be in full view of Boschie we found some batteries. We were sent backwards and forwards through the wood, eventually finding the brigade in dug outs. After a chat there, we were escorted by Todd to the position, arriving there about four thirty pm. On arriving there it was not long before we heard hair-raising tales about what we had missed earlier in the week.

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