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Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Diary Entry - 16th May, 1917

Early in the morning we countered at Roeux and regained the chemical works. At nine a.m Colonel Beech, Armytage and self took about 14 horses out from each battery to a field some 5 kilometres away, as Beech had requisitioned a field there for grazing. The field was about 50 acres with a fair amount of good grass in it. Armytage and I came back through Marveuil to see about RE material and then on to DADOS at Bray, where we saw a gun with a new air recuperator on it. It was fitted into the old outer case and, except for the ends, looked much the same as the old buffer. About four p.m. it commenced raining and, as Bellew and I sat down to tea, we were asked to go to the dump and see a Corps General. His grouse was that we were too near to the dump and that we were out of our area, we being 13th Corps and the dump 17th Corps's. He eventually went away saying he would talk to our corps about it, but seemed to speak as if he expected the dump to go up any day. Several large ammunition dumps had already gone up in Arras, causing much damage, and one had a lot of gas shell in it, which caused great alarm and despondency. So we moved the top lines down the hill below the left section and also moved the gun park to the bottom of the hill.

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