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Sunday, 27 May 2012

Diary Entry - 27th May, 1917

Walford: Sunday. The battery had come out of action late the previous night and all arrived at the WL without mishap. We awoke in the morning to the very familiar sound of the 5.9' gun dropping somewhat close. I investigated after the second round and found they were falling not 100 yards away in the 41st Brigade lines. The rest of our Bde were busy packing up for a move to Madagascar corner as the Corps had kicked us out on account of the dump. The shells increased their energy and it was astonishing the way they got packed up. Luckily no-one was touched, two bivouacs were blown up but fortunately no men were in them. Church parade wsa held at 41st Bde at ten thirty a.m. I had to go supplies and see Captain Gard about our rations as 2nd Div were to ration us till the 31st inst. However, as far as we could gather no arrangements had been made by staff so we thought it best to do it for ourselves. It was a very warm morning with a strong wind blowing and plenty of dust. As soon as we had supplies fixed up through Gard, Pellam rang up to say two motor lorries would travel with us from Hermin. Bellew in the evening took our ammunition up to Roclincourt by pack as we were told at the eleventh hour we had to travel empty, he had to make two trips and did not get in till about eleven.

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