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Monday, 21 May 2012

Diary Entry - 21st May, 1917

Walford: The previous evening Hoyland and Scott heard they could collect their warrants and proceed on leave. Hoyland stirred things up as usual, throwing his kit and everyone else's everywhere and leaving two backed cheques on the floor of the Mess. They started to get off at seven, but Hoyland in his more casual way than usual had not got out of bed so Scottie was left running round like a cat on hot bricks. Eventually about nine they set out, Scottie carrying a bag, Hoyland, (not yet 21), having sent his servant ahead with his bag. They were making for St. Pol Road to catch a lorry. Gnr. Gordon also goes on leave, a great nut full of excitement as he is to be married. I went to the salvage dump in the morning about GS fore carriage and wheels, managing to get what is wanted. On coming back to the lines, I find the BSM had gone one better than me, having made a brand new wagon in the night. Siggers appears from his duty about eleven thirty a.m, just in time after his usual 'coiffeur' and 'face massage', to help me pay out, and we form a very fast combination, he signing the books and I paying. It was inclined to be showery in the afternoon. Nicholson, a young fellow from the Shop posted to us.


  1. the new arrival to 48th bty is 2Lt John Anthony Nicholson

    1. Once again, thank you for the added depth.