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Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Diary Entry - 30th May, 1917

Wednesday at seven a.m. we march for Aire. I remain behind to fix up any claims and have to wait till the town mayor gets up about eight thirty a.m. An old Frenchman makes a lot of noise over a small amount of wood the cooks used, for which he wanted five francs. The town mayor sided with him, which was rot, as, if he had got five francs, he would have been doing well. When I find the school at ten thirty a.m. I am surprised to find no battery, as came the direct route. However, they turn up in about ten minutes, having gone off the main road to avoid the cobbles. The school is a great place for eye wash - everything whitewashed and in spick and span condition, with Colonel Lea Warner, DSO and MC, in command, Darcey, his adjutant. The stables and harness rooms are very large and the men sleep in barracks. In fact, it is very like a peace show. The horse of mine which was very lame broke its hind leg during the night, right at the hock, and had to be destroyed. I am wrong - the horse broke its leg the first night we spent at the school.

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