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Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Diary Entry - 23rd May, 1917

The night on the floor with the Scottie was more comfortable than I expected. It was a misty morning and there was no visibility till ten a.m. when I was relieved by McKinty of the One Fives (15th). On the way back I called in at Bde where Connover had the place to himself. We stayed talking and looking at air photos, which he eventually gave me, for about an hour. It was twelve thirty p.m. when I got back and found a large crowd at the Mess as the Colonel had Battery Commanders down to have a look round the lines. We sat down 14 to lunch in the new Mess Chalet, which had just been completed. I have neuralgia which has grown no better, so retire to my tent in the afternoon. Siggers and Cruickshank both very thrilled as they go on leave tomorrow with Todd and Hortayne.

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