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Friday, 25 May 2012

Diary Entry - 25th May, 1917

Walford: Friday. Start at eight thirty a.m. with the Sgt. Major to show him the grazing field and send him on to choose some horses from the grazing camp to come in to the WL. Meanwhile, I go on to Marveuil, to the RE dump, to see if any material can be obtained. During stables, inspected the harness, and the Gun Park, the former was a great improvement to the week before and the Gun Park was very good too. In the afternoon, while writing the diary, in strolls Pelham, (Staff Capt), with a Colonel, who, he informed me, said the 15th and 48th Batteries had to move that afternoon to a spot 500 yards from the Ammunition Dump. There was only one place for us to go and that was in the hollow, so I suggested it, and down we had to go that evening. It did not take us long and it was wonderful how the men got their bivouacs and tents up and the lines all ready. The most amusing site was to see the Sgts' Mess Chalet (like our own) going down on a truck and meeting a light engine halfway down. The house had to be removed in very quick time and the truck thrown off the line, but they managed without an accident. We also heard from Pelham that the battery was proceeding to Aire on the 28th to the 1st Army School for a fortnight. The Bosche disturbed the peaceful hours with bombs, both at night and in the morning.

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