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Saturday 13 August 2011

Diary Entry - 13th August, 1916

At nine a.m. I go up to Corps dump to draw material for the guns but find the GS wagon has already got what they can and gone up to the guns. I got through from the Brigade and told Suttie that we could not get half the material he wanted and asked where I could find Major Carrington to get it from as he was not at Minden Post. I was informed that Carrington had gone back to the Citadel so back I had to go. Carrington was again very good and gave me three blank forms so that I could put down what I wanted. The padre had a church parade at twelve and Siggers, who had arrived from Amiens late the evening before, took the 48th party. At twelve, when I got back, on my way down to the MM dump, I met Fuller, who told me he had got the 9th battery. I do not envy him or his first week there, as the subalterns, so this Brigade have it, are a pretty rotten lot, especially one ranker, Putman. About five, Suttie arrived at the wagon line, to have a look round. He seemed to think the horses were looking all right and, after a general look round, he returned to the guns.

Note: Quiller Couch made OC of 9th Battery, taking Marsdorp's place.)

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