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Sunday, 7 August 2011

Diary Entry - 7th August, 1916

In the morning, Todd gave me something that soon put me right. At twelve, Ginger and Tommy waiting for me at the old wagon line, beyond Bronfay Farm. I walked over there – a matter of about three miles. I got there before the horses and was a bit scared about them turning up but in about 10 minutes they put in an appearance and I proceeded to Meaulte, passing through the Citadel on the way. The wagon lines seemed to be in good position except for the dust that covers everything, but that is the worst thing one has to put up with just now, not forgetting the small fly, which at the wagon line is frightful. I found that the brigades all mess together, i.e. the officer from each battery, in the corner of an oat crop. The 71st and 15th batteries have built their abode of ammunition boxes, and we have an old tent.

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