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Friday, 5 August 2011

Diary Entry - 5th August, 1916

I was orderly officer. Bosche made it quite unpleasant, as he scattered heavies and shrapnel all over the country and one never knew where the next one was going. In the afternoon, the Major shot the battery from a balloon and registered a new point for our zero lines. At nine thirty SOS came through and we fired like blazes for about half an hour. The artillery got great kudos from the infantry as they replied to their call so quickly and it seems we completely knocked out two attempted Bosch assaults. They got over the parapet but were mown down by rifle, machine gun and artillery fire. Our time for salvoes through the night was from three a.m. to six. At three, in fact, since eleven, they had been shelling heavily all round 15th, 56th and D36, and splinters were falling heavily everywhere. I was not feeling at all well and the only thing to do was to get an ammunition box in the trench. Even that was not comfortable as shell was falling very heavily. About four, three shrapnel came very close and, if we had (LCO on guard and myself) not been undercover, we would have received a knockout. Towards five thirty the shelling stopped and it eased a lot, so the teams could get the ammunition up without trouble.

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