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Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Diary Entry - 23rd August, 1916

The remaining two sections relieved us early in the morning, and they took our guns out to their wagon line, which was moving from Bors de Tailles to Meaulte, while we were handing over our wagon line to them and going to the Bors de Tailles. As there was nothing for me to do after six, I breakfasted with the 48th and met the Varsity oar, Garnett, there, he having come in with the new battery. It was rather amusing: I recognised his face but did not know where I had seen him. We had a good chat about different men's doings out here whom we both knew in common. At ten thirty a.m. Siggers, Suttie and I set out for Bors de Tailles on our horses and fairly cantered through the Valley of Death, causing much amusement as, for once, there were no shells dropping in the valley. We reached the wagon line about twelve thirty where we found the lines just being put into shape. The brigade camped where they did on the way up to action, and we remained there quietly for the rest of the day, feeling relieved to be away from Carnoy.

Extract from letter received on 13th September, 1916 at Mailly.

"I should be glad if you would convey to those concerned my appreciation of the great assistance accorded me by your Divisional Artillery during the time they covered the 24th Div. front from 10th to 23rd August. Both my Division and myself wish to express our gratitude for the same.
J C Capper
Maj. Gen.
Comdg. 24th Division."


  1. A sad connection concerning Lt Kenneth George Garnett (who rowed for Cambridge University in 1914) who Edward encountered here - he appears to have been badly wounded the next day (?) and died a year later.

  2. How miserable, although I suppose we shouldn't be surprised.