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Wednesday 3 August 2011

Diary Entry - 3rd August, 1916

Nothing of much importance happened. A lot more sand bags were put upon the end of the trench nearest the enemy as he started shrapnel in the morning and a couple of bullets whistled in amongst us. Luckily no-one was hit. Last night, Boschie did the dirty on us. SOS was sent through at nine and we all opened fire at the usual rate - guns fire 30 secs. In the middle of it, two Bosche aeroplanes were observed dropping lights. The whole show was arranged, we think, so as he could get onto a mass of batteries and search and sweep them with 8-inch or other heavy stuff. Capt Titler was killed during the night by a shell. He was sleeping in a trench and a 42 HE hit the parapet above him, killing him instantaneously. Luckily, the two other Subs who slept close to him were at that moment up firing the battery or they would have met with the same fate.

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