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Sunday 14 August 2011

Diary Entry - 14th August, 1916

At ten a.m., Siggers and I both set out for the guns. We had a little excitement coming through the valley as the Bosche was hurling a lot of 10-centimetre gun and 77-millimetre shells just to the left of the valley. When we arrived at the position, we found that the right section had had a rotten time and had narrowly escaped having the gun wiped out. The rear half of the pit had been blown away and about 60 rounds of HE had been ruined, but the extraordinary thing was that no-one was injured. All the ammunition was burned, the trench running up to the gun pit was washed out completely and there was a hole about 10-foot deep and 14-foot wide where the trench had been. However, the gun was all right - the sandbagged wall at the back of the pit had saved sights from splinters.

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