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Sunday, 12 February 2012

Diary Entry - 12th February, 1917

Bertie: Have had a splendid leave. Poor old Wal got a horrible cold the last four days and spent today in bed, and I am going back on my own, as Dr Blakie says it is impossible for Walford to go for a few days. We have done a theatre every night and very often a matinee in the afternoon. The best leave I have ever had. Have seen quite a lot of people. Johnnie, Bill, who told us a lot about Egypt, (there is more going on there than we ever dreamt of), Ritchie, Bill Hunter, Bob Simpson. Went down and saw Barbara [Bertie's sister-in-law]. She has a very nice house at Farnham [?] Common and has Nan living with her. Jack [Bertie's oldest brother] has gone to anti-aircraft - same lot as Sam McCaughey. The first time I have seen the boy [John Manifold, Bertie's nephew, future poet] since left home. He is a jolly soul. Go back tomorrow and hope it is as warm out there as here.


  1. Barbara may be at 'Farnham Common' - might that be right?

  2. Yes, I think I'll change it to that - it's not what he's written, but both he and his brother are pretty vague on spellings of place names. Thank you for the suggestion.