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Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Diary Entry - 15th February, 1917

Bee:  Had breakfast at eight am and then went to the casualties clearing station to see if I could get a lift in an ambulance but had no luck. So went and stood at the cross roads and waited my chance. I had not been there very long when a lorry for Albert came along, which was rather lucky as I never expected to get one right through. It was awfully cold but was more than pleased to get back for lunch. The driver told me he was bringing over huts for hospitals and said they were building accommodation for 1,000,000 Tommies and 50,000 officers just behind Albert. But of course expect he had exaggerated things a bit. Even so there must be comething doing. I found Kershaw at the wagonline just preparing to go to the 2 Army (?) School. Everything seemed in an awful whirl to me. (Illegible) Thorlburn came in, also Murdoch. The Sergeant Major is on leave. I stayed in all day and tried to write. Bill Litt (?) has suffered rather much while away. The snow has thawed out quite a lot since I have been away but the ground is still very hard. The overhead cover for the horses is nearly finished, and I thought the horses look splendid and are profiting from it.

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