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Friday, 24 February 2012

Letter Home (Bertie) - 24 to 25 February 1917

15th Battery RFA

24th February 1917

Dear Mother

Well, it is getting near mail time and I have a bit of time, as I am liaison officer with the infantry again. I did not get very far yesterday as a rather exciting incident happened, which I can't put down here.

It has started to thaw, which is a blessing in many ways, although it does mean more mud. It has dried up a good deal since we came in. I have spent most of my spare moments supervising the draining of the position and am glad to say our efforts have made quite a difference.

We have had quite a lot of shelling around the position this week. The softness of the ground has saved us quite a lot, most of the shells going into the ground without exploding. It is quite a cheerful noise, they just go dump. Our officer, who was wounded at the Thiepval show, came back to us this week, which is rather lucky as it is very hard to get back to your old unit these days. We have our major and second lieutenant on leave at the present moment. Walford got back yesterday, but I have not seen him yet.

I had a long letter from Jack yesterday. He seems to be in good form and likes his new unit job, which is a good thing.

Today is the first day our planes have been up for over a fortnight so you can imagine what the weather has been like.

Today I think will be remembered in the days to come as one of the most important days in the history of the war and appears to me to be the actual turning point. I can't say any more. One is never surprised at what happens these times. Last night and tonight are the quietest nights we have had for months. Don't be surprised if you only get a field post card from me, as we are sure to be very busy from now on and letter writing will become nearly impossible.

Good night and love
from your loving son


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