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Monday, 13 February 2012

Diary Entry - 13th February, 1917

Bee: The train was supposed to leave at six fifty a.m. Got to Victoria four minutes before time and found that it had been put off until eight a.m. Too cold for the RTO at that hour; he did not turn up until seven fifty a.m. I got a seat in the Pullman, which I always think is very comfortable, and had a good breakfast. Boat left on time. There were very few leave people but hundreds of new people coming out. In fact, a new division. Had a good crossing, arriving Boulogne at twelve am. Went and saw RTO who said there would be no train until ten a.m. tomorrow. Had a look around for a car, but had no luck. So cooled my heels on the beach this afternoon. A beautiful bright day with cold wind. Everthing seems to be thawing well. I left poor old Walford feeling very sorry for himself. Am staying at the Officers' Club tonight.

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