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Thursday, 2 February 2012

Diary Entry - 2nd February, 1917

Walford: We had a very cold trip over and had to stop a night at Kandas where we were bundled out of the train and had to walk about a mile through the village to another station. There we waited for a train that should have come in at one a.m. but which did not arrive until nine a.m. the next morning. There was no rest camp for the men, an apology for one for officers, and the only way to keep warm was to keep on the move. It was little wonder that one heard reports of men freezing to death here but it is not very difficult to believe when one experiences what we did. We got to Boulogne about three p.m., thence on the boat and straight across, reaching London about nine p.m., and oh what bliss to get a really hot bath and white sheets to sleep between.

Bee: Had qite a night, not a wink of sleep. The train got in about eight thirty a.m., more broken windows. The usual thing: the train just crawled along, stopping every few minutes, while we quitely froze by inches, finally arriving at Boulogne at three p.m. We went straight aboard the boat and sailed about four thirty p.m. Had a very calm crossing and managed to get a seat in the Pullman and had a very good meal, arriving in town at eight p.m. Came straight to the pub and had a bath and went to bed.

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