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Monday, 20 February 2012

Diary Entry - 20th February, 1917

Bertie: Very little more known about the front. It rained hard this morning. I got a lot of useful information for our brigade. Oakley returned today, which was a great surprise. Last night they got a direct hit on the B Subs billet, where six men were sleeping. A shell – four point two – came in one side, knocked one man – Corporal Fisher - to bits and went into the ground on the other side, without exploding. A wonderful escape that the whole lot were not killed. One man is very bad with shell shock – James Hunt.


  1. Cpl William Fisher L/13144 - killed by dud

    I wonder if the other may is a James Hunt (23991) who was shown as sent to Base on 22nd Feb 1917 - which might fit

    1. I might change the name to that since it fits well, thank you.